Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red Hatters Love Cake!

My family has their own chapter of the Red Hat's Society. Even though I am in my 20's, I go to their get-togethers as a "Pink-Hatter." This month the RHS decided to go out to lunch, and I made a Red Hat Cake to bring to along.

I started out with a basic butter cake (recipe to be added soon). I made two 9" rounds and one 12" round. The 12" round was cut to fit my cake holder, using a dinner plate as a guide.
I then assembled the cake, using chocolate buttercream and raspberries as my filling.

The sides of the cake were trimmed to give the top of the hat rounded edges. I frosted the outside of the cake with the rest of the buttercream and put it in the refrigerator to set. Next, I dyed my fondant red using icing coloring. *Note: This took forever! So, don't attempt if you are in a hurry!* The red fondant covered the entire "hat."

I added blue to the leftover red fondant to make a purple "ribbon" for my hat. I then added a store-bought purple feather, and my cake was complete. This project took several hours to complete, from start to finish. But, it was well worth it!

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