Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Cake for Father's Day

My father has a serious sweet tooth (we are very much alike) and likes golf, while I am trying to perfect my decorating skills. So, the golf cake for Father's Day was born.
My aunt has taken up an interest in cake decorating as well. So, we did this one together. We started with two 9" round butter cakes. (I know, I just did that with the red hat cake! But, I thought my dad would like those best, so excuse the repeat!)

Chocolate buttercream went on top of the first and third layers, while a bananna and strawberry mixture went onto the second layer. The buttercream was piped onto the cake by my Aunt, who was practicing her piping skills. Looking good!

The entire cake was then covered in buttercream. Let's just say that we're a chocolate kind of family!
The white fondant went on first as a base.

We then dyed some fondant green. The green fondant was cut to form hills for the side of the cake, and a putting green for the top of the cake.

We had purchased a plastic golfer, which included a plastic hole and golf ball. Those were added to the top, and little flags were adhered to the side of the cake. (ready for the bad pun?)

The cake.....was a hole in one!

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