Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baked With Love...

It's my birthday! (real, not blog)

I have been a little down lately. Someone recently broke in and stole my beloved pet turtles. (I know, who steals turtles??) To cheer me up, my AWESOME husband decided to make me a birthday cake. Most of the time, I bake everyone a cake on their birthday. But then I have no cake on mine. So Joe spent all night last night in the kitchen while I watched TV- talk about a role reversal! I was banned from even helping. But, I did make him promise to take pictures of his creation in its various stages, for blogging purposes. So, just to be clear: I had nothing to do with the making or decorating of this cake whatsoever. I didn't even take these pictures. I was allowed to see it this morning, and I'm really looking forward to eating it! Without further ado, allow me to present:

My Birthday Turtle Cake

Ok, so Joe committed the cardinal sin of my kitchen and used boxed cake mixes and prepared frostings. But, as long as I'm not committing the sin, I guess it's ok. He baked 2 cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. he put chocolate frosting in the middle, and covered it with buttercream frosting.

The first cake was cut down to be the body, while the second cake was shaped to be the shell.

He dyed the fondant green and striped on the shell markings.

Legs and a tail were added.He couldn't add a head because it wouldn't fit on my cake holder, and we would be transporting this cake to my birthday dinner. So, he added some eyes peeking out from underneath the shell, as if the turtle were hiding. This is very realistic, as it is how my turtles always reacted to him!

I can't wait to eat this cake! And, it was SUCH a sweet gesture. Even though I didn't make this cake, it was so nice that I had to post about it.
Thanks Joe!!!

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bramblewitch said...

Joe, you are the greatest!